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Corporate Vision

headed for company excellence in the 21st century

KB SEIREN, Ltd. started our business as a group company of SEIREN Co., Ltd., succeeding major textile business of Kanebo, Ltd. on July 1, 2005.
Headed for company excellence in the 21st century, KB SEIREN identifies changing market trends always from the perspective of customers pursuing richer lifestyles.
We strive for“corporate structural reform,”“corporate quality enhancement,”and“conservation of natural environment.”
KB SEIREN promotes business activities to fulfill customer satisfaction, while taking due care to provide for the safety of society.
When the trend of globalization and speeding-up becomes all the more intensified in the economic environment surrounding Japan, “IT-based business and direct distribution,”“non-clothing/non-textile business,” “globalization”and“corporate quality enhancement”should be further pursued in order to maintain growth.
We will make continued and concerted efforts in“development,”“production”and“sales”to offer more distinguished synthetic fiber products by identifying the needs of customers firsthand and maximizing the integrated capacity of the group companies making use of our distinguished technology as a core.
Your further support and business would be highly appreciated.

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Expansion to New Fields through Collaboration

Based on the integrated manufacturing system from yarn to finished goods sales, KB SEIREN encourages collaboration among SEIREN Group businesses as an integrated textile manufacturer of the 21st century. This is the ideal goal of each member of the SEIREN Group. We further promote our efforts to expand our business beyond conventional applications into“household materials”and“industrial materials,”as well as new fields including“medical, agricultural and environmental materials.”

Business Policy

business policy

Business Fields

Business Fields
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