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High-Value-Added Materials Are Produced Here to Enrich Your Life

Embracing the highly ingenious technology cultivated by Kanebo in its 100 years of textile operations as a core, KB SEIREN promotes research and development taking advantage of the cutting edge technology of the SEIREN Group. We are committed to the challenge to develop new products that respond to changing market trends.

Research and Development Center

research and development centerThe The Research and Development Center aims to strengthen not only its development ability, but also its information collection/analysis capabilities, in order to create high-performance, high-value-added materials truly desired by tomorrow's market.
The center regularly holds development meetings with marketing staff as well, for the sake of in-depth information exchange. The center will take aggressive approaches to product development for non-clothing applications in addition to clothing, on the basis of advanced fiber manufacturing technologies cultivated by the company as a yarn producer.

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