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Concentration of Synthetic Fiber Operations for
"Fiber Production for New Product Creation"

As an all-round textile manufacturer of the 21st century, the SEIREN Group aims to establish a solid foundation of integrated production from yarn to final products. Hokuriku Synthetic Fibers Plant, located in Fukui Prefectureーa major production area of synthetic filaments and fabricsーplays an important role as a manufacturing base of KB SEIREN, a key player of the group.
Pioneering the development of a "direct continuous polymerization system," the plant was quick to combine the system with its "high-speed spinning technology" to establish a high-quality, efficient production system. The plant has also enabled small-lot production of many different unique materials, for example ultra-fine microfibers, by integrating the advanced technologies of composite fiber spinning and kneading.
As a member of the SEIREN Group, which provides textile materials from fiber to final products, Hokuriku Synthetic Fibers Plant has set a future goal of "fiber production for new product creation."

The plant will work actively at developing higher-value-added materials, with the goal of serving as a "dream-inspiring factory" of lasting brilliance.

Plant Outline
Established April 1972
Products Polyester resins; polyester filaments; nylon filaments; polyurethane nonwovens
Awards and certification Okochi Memorial Production Prize (Direct continuous polymerization technology, 1976)
Okochi Memorial Special Production Prize (Ultra-fine microfiber production technology, 1993)
ISO 9001 certification (2000); ISO 14001 certification (2001)
Site area 151,234 ㎡
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