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yarnBelima is a polyester/nylon conjugate filament yarn with a unique cross section, which was created by use of the world-leading conjugation technology. It can be split into five superfine fibers, one of which is nylon while the other four are polyester. Belima offers a wide range of applications from clothing to industrial materials, including blended fabrics with natural fibers, suede cloths, and wiping cloths.


  • Smooth and gentle feel
  • Softness created by the difference in shrinkage between polyester and nylon
  • Water-absorbing and quick-drying properties owing to the special cross section

Variation of Final Textiles

  • Woven/knitted fabrics for clothing (ideal for blending with natural fibers such as cotton)
  • Napped fabrics (artificial suede cloths, fleeced fabrics etc.)
  • Woven/knitted fabrics for wiping cloths (plain high-density fabrics, pile fabrics etc.)

Conditions for Dyeing and Processing

Conditions for Dying and Procesing