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An Antistatic Material Developed with Concern for Health

With the increase of textile products using synthetic fibers like in fashion items, interior materials or car seat fabrics, and with the abounding office automation equipment including personal computers, and other electrical appliances, our living environment is becoming increasingly liable to accumulate static electricity. Accordingly, various conductive materials have been developed to solve such functional problems as sparkling discharges, or attracting dust or pollen. Recently, however, static is said to adversely affects people's health, posing a new problem.
To meet the problem, KB SEIREN provides "Doden," an antistatic fabric which uses the electroconductive fiber "Belltron" by mixed-weaving or mixed-knitting with polyester yarn. Doden prevents textiles or human bodies from being charged with static, supporting healthy and agreeable living.

What Really is Static Electricity and What is its Effect?

static electricity

In all substances there exist positive and negative electricity and by their neutralizing each other, the state of the substance is maintained stable. The human body also maintain its health by the balance between positive and negative electricity.

When either positive or negative electricity is removed from the surface by external forces such as friction between fibers, putting on or taking off one's clothes, or effects from electronic equipment, the surface is charged with counter-polarity electricity. This one-sided accumulation of electricity is called static electricity (electrified condition).

The antistatic material Doden eliminates static electricity through corona discharge and prevents fibers and the human body from electrification.

The effects of static electricity

The Effects of Static Electricity

Influence upon Health

Accumulation of static electricity makes the human body lose its electrical balance, and is said to produce various effects upon health.

Disagreeable Shocks and Sparkling Discharge

Like when you take off your clothes, static electricity generated and accumulated by the friction between fibers discharges for neutralization at one stroke. This is what causes that disagreeable shocks or dangerous sparks. The clinging of clothes to your body which ruins your stylish dressing is also by static electricity.

Liable to Collect Dust

Electrical appliances are very liable to collect dust. The fact is, they serve as hot beds for static electricity. Likewise, the human body is apt to attract dust or pollen when it accumulates static electricity.

What is Corona Discharge?

electrifying substance

Belltron, which is used in Doden, owes its antistatic effect mainly to the neutralization of charge, and charge transfer and diffusion by corona discharge. When two different substances come apart after friction with each other, one of them becomes charged with either positive or negative electricity. If Belltron is used under such circumstances, the air around Belltron is electrolyzed producing positive or negative ions. These ions move toward bodies charged with each other's polarity, neutralizing the charge. This activity is what is called corona discharge.