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IMAGE is a polyester filament developed by kneading various additives into the main component of ultrafine particles of light shielding titanium oxide. With its high-level light shielding effect, this excellent non-see-through material blocks not only harmful ultraviolet rays, but also infrared rays, thus providing protection against hidden camera shooting. As another special feature, it remains non-see-through even when wet.

Yarn Types 33T/24f 56T/36f 84T/48f

Product Features

Even white fabrics have
non-see-through property which withstands wetting.
  IMAGE does not transmit infrared rays, thereby relieving fears of being shot by spy cameras.   IMAGE shields against ultraviolet rays which cause dark spots and other skin problems.
1. Excellent Non-See-Through Property
(IMAGE remains opaque even when wet, or when used in white fabrics.)

  2. Ultraviolet Rays ShieldingFunction to Protect Skin (UV Protection)
3. Protection against Shooting by Hidden Infrared Cameras (Comparative Photos)

  Fabric made of IMAGE   Commercially available full-dull polyester fabric
  * Sportswear: Various types of sportswear including swimsuits and athletic wear
* Fashion clothing: Shirts, blouses, jackets, trousers
* Uniforms: Lab coats, nursing care clothing