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Kilatt P is a C-cross-sectioned polyester yarn developed with original technology, which possesses lightweight characteristics ideal for the production of comfortable fabrics.

Conventional hollow fiber
Conventional hollow fiber
False-twisting may flatten the hollow.
Kilatt P
Kilatt P
The hollow shows clearly by dissolution after weaving/knitting.



Designed for hollowing through dissolution, Kilatt P enables 30% weight saving of resultant fabrics.

Water-absorbent but Quick-drying

A lengthwise slit quickly captures and releases perspiration, maintaining a dry and crisp feel.


The airspace of the hollow provides excellent warmth retaining property.

Unique Fiber Construction

Kilatt P has a C-shaped cross section with a hollow and a slit, obtained by dissolving a core component.

Comfortable Feel

The C-shaped yarn structure with a slit provides cushiony effect and crispness, making resultant fabrics pleasant to the touch.

Stretchy and Lofty

Before dissolution of the core component, Kilatt P has nearly the same physical properties as those of conventional polyester and nylon. This means Kilatt P can be false-twisted into various types of stretch/bulky yarns.