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yarnKanebo always led the world of microfibers with its excellent foresight and peerless advanced technology. Now, inheriting the experience and technology of the company, KB SEIREN proudly presents "Cosmo Alpha" third-generation microfiber. Cosmo Alpha allows a dramatic expansion of end-uses with a unique flower-shaped cross section comprised of nine components, (17-component versions also available), and with various excellent characteristics as a 100% polyester yarn.

Attractive Features of Cosmo Alpha in its Structure, Quality, and Processibility


Expressiveness Offered by the Unique Fiber Structure

  • Unprecedented loftiness
  • Diversity in the feel of resultant fabrics

Performance as a 100% Polyester Yarn

  • Excellent processibility
  • Stable quality

Wide Product Range to Yield Differnt Materials

  • Cosmo Alpha Super (splittable into 17 components)
  • Cationic-dyeable items


Women's wear, industrial materials, sportswear etc.