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Natureine, a sophisticated material developed on the concept of "a softer and more natural feel," possesses a soft touch as well as water absorbency and quick-drying property. It has a wide array of uses from outer garments to inner wear.


Soft to the Touch

Compared with conventional regular nylon yarns, Natureine, a multi-filament nylon yarn spun with unique high-speed spinning technology, possesses a soft and natural feel equivalent to that of microfibers.

Highly Absorbent

The multi-filament structure provides superb capillary effect, which allows Natureine to absorb twice as much water (perspiration) as regular nylon; this means that Natureine exhibits the same level of water absorbency as that of cotton.


Since Natureine immediately releases moisture it has absorbed, it takes only half the time to dry compared with cotton, thereby retaining its original dry feel.