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Bellcouple is a sheath-core polyester filament developed from special conjugation technology. Two types of polymers with different melting pointsーregular polyester in the core and low-melting polyester in the sheathーcombine to offer various configurations by heat processing. Woven/knitted fabrics made of Bellcouple have superb heat sealability (to prevent slippage), shape retention and stiffness adjustability. Bellcouple is an innovative functional polyester filament, offering applications never before possible.



Melts by Heat (Fusibility)

Heated at 160-190℃, the low-melting polyester in the sheath melts and bonds multifilaments into resilient monofilament yarns. Thanks to this feature, fabrics made of Bellcouple are fray- and slippage-resistant.

Varied Stiffness Possible (Stiffness Adjustability)

Adjusting the heat treatment temperature, as well as combining it with other fibers, allows the resultant fabrics to be set with a varying degree of stiffness. This eliminates the resin-finishing process that was previously required, reduces costs and lessens environmental pollution.

Minimal Deformation (Shape Retention)

The pleated or crushed surface is fixed by heat to retain its shape.

Excels in Durability

Being wash- and heat-resistant, Bellcouple fabrics withstand repeated washings and are free from performance deterioration or color fading by heat.

Forms to Any Shape (Heat Moldability)

Patterns and other shapes can easily be obtained by heat embossing. The excellent moldability of Bellcouple prevents embossed fabrics from deforming, and maintains their formed shapes semipermanently.



Mesh fabrics



Pleated articles


Molded articles

Stiffened articles