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The Superb Antibacteria Effect


Microbial Control and Deodorization

Provides an excellent antibacterial effect, preventing germ growth on textiles.

All levels of "SEK" standard provided by the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (JTETC) — from the most moderate "Antibacterial Finish" to the strictest "Bacteria- Control Finish (Special Purposes)" — can be satisfied by using Liveftesh P at the desired blending ratio for each textile.

Note: Antibacterial performance may vary slightly with certain yarn combination, fabric structure, and the application of final products.

cloth with 20% P1


Can be used safely and reliably for nursing care.

Livefresh P has been tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories and the Japanese Society For Cutaneous Health, and confirmed to be safe and non-toxic. It can be safely used for nursing care in homes and in medical institutions or other health facilities.


The kneading of antibacterial agent has dramatically improved washing resistance.

Livefresh P has largely improved resistance to yellowing, which was a common problem of antibacterial polyester yarns. At the same time, its physical properties such as strength, elongation and shrinkage are almost the same as those of regular polyester.