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SavinaHigh technology fields are growing every day in sophistication and precision. Highly efficient wiping cloths are essential for a strict dust-free environment in the manufacturing of such products as LSIs and LCDs. Savina MX was created to readily meet the needs of the times, with excellent functions enough to cope with the ultimate dust-free condition in super clean rooms.

Wipers for use in clean rooms should clean all instruments, apparatuses and peripheral devices while causing no contamination. They are also required to absorb and remove any undesired moisture. Savina MX, which contains all properties needed for such wipers, is one of the highest-performance wiping cloths designed for the age of high technology.

Super High-Shrinkage, High-Density Finish

Cross section

Cross section of Savina MX


Surface of Savina MX

After knitting on a special high gauge knitting machine, the greige for Savina MX is shrunken both lengthwise and widthwise to as much as 40% of its original dimension. It is not treated with binders of any kind to achieve such a dense construction. The resultant wiping cloth has as high a surface area as 25,700 c㎡/g, thus ensuring dust removal without releasing any lint. Conventional wiping cloths have a surface area of only 2,420 c㎡/g.