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SHADAN is made of a sheath-core conjugate filament IRADE, which reflects infrared rays and cuts ultraviolet rays of the sun. IRADE, produced with KB SEIREN’s special technologies of composite spinning and kneading, is a polyester filament containing infrared-reflecting ceramics in its core and titanium oxide in its sheath.


With its heat-insulating effect through infrared reflection, SHADAN suppresses the rise of temperature in clothing, as well as indoor fabrics, thereby enhancing air conditioning efficiency to promote energy saving. Also, by possessing UV screening property, SHADAN provides comfort and a sense of security in this age of global warming.


● Blocks Heat to Save Energy and Combat Global Warming ●

SHADAN reflects and inhibits infrared rays while transmitting other ordinary light. It has heat-insulating effect that helps prevent summer heat from raising temperature in clothing, or indoors, which eventually contributes to energy saving while working overall against global warming.

● Cuts UV Rays to Protect Skin ●

SHADAN blocks ultraviolet rays as well, which means that it offers a skin-care effect by cutting UV rays. With functions that ensure comfort and safety, SHADAN is friendly to people as well as their living environment.

Heat-Insulating Property
(Estimated Air Temperature in Clothing)
  UV-Shielding Property
(UPF Value)



Sportswear, fashion clothing, residential curtains, vehicular curtains, parasols, hats, gloves, tents, agricultural nets, materials for electronic devices, etc.