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Vega is a full-dull polyester microfilament yarn which was developed with direct spinning technology for the first time in the industry. Its resultant fabrics have excellent drapability, elegant luster and a soft feel. Vega is a next-generation yarn that has the potential for producing more sophisticated materials.


Soft to the Touch

Vega offers excellent drapability and smoothness thanks to successful adoption of a direct spinning method for production of full-dull microfilaments.

Moderately Lustrous

Without excessive shininess, Vega adds delicate silk-like luster that enhances its elegant look.

Easy to Process

Improved polymers eliminated the risk of reed and needle abrasion, a common problem in the weaving/knitting process of full-dull yarn.


Can be widely used for clothing (sportswear, casual wear, inner wear, women's wear etc.) and also industrial purposes.