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yarnSoierion Y, created with unique technology, is a Y-cross-sectioned polyester yarn which possesses water-absorbing and quick-drying properties along with high loft and lightness in weight. It has a crisp hand and is soft to the touch. Soierion Y is a versatile material useful for a wide range of applications, from clothing to sundry goods and interior fabrics.


Extremely Water-Absorbent but Quick-Drying

The sharp edges of the Y-cross-sectioned yarn effectively hold moisture and quickly disperse it.

Lofty and Lightweight

The Y-shaped structure provides numerous fiber-to-fiber airspaces, which means a fabric made of Soierion Y is lofty and lightweight while being moderately stiff and resilient.

Soft to the Touch

The Y-shaped cross section offers a crisp feel to resultant fabrics. False-twisting of Soierion Y yarns will provide additional softness.

Moisture Dispersion

30 seconds after dropping
Moisture Dispersion

Soierion Y excels in moisture dispersion capacity compared with cotton and regular polyester.

Water Absorbency

After 5 minutes
Water Absorbency

Soierion Y has higher water absorbency than that of cotton and regular polyester.