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KB SEIREN, LTD. has developed “Zxion®”, a polyarylate fiber with superb tensile strength and elasticity, by using its original technology. For industrial applications attracting increasing attention, KB SEIREN proudly offers Zxion® as a sophisticated fine-denier engineering plastic fiber, while further utilizing its unique technologies of fine-denier fiber spinning and composite fiber spinning to advance reduction of total fiber fineness, as well as single filament fineness, to the extent never before possible.


Technical Description

Multifilaments: 1,100 dtex/96f, 560 dtex/96f, 440 dtex/96f, 280 dtex/48f, 220 dtex/48f, 110 dtex/48f, 56 dtex/24f, 28 dtex/6f and various others

End Products

Filaments, staple fibers, fabrics (woven, knitted, nonwoven), braided cords/sleeves, prepregs


Tension members (optical cables, heating wires, electric wires), FRP, rubber materials (for belts and hoses), printed circuit boards, protective gloves, fishing lines, belt slings, etc.