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Wiping Cloths Made of "Belima X"

Belima X Fiber, the Source of Excellent Features of Savina Wiping Cloths BelimaX rogo
Belima X is produced by: (1) weaving or knitting a base fabric with polyester/nylon special conjugate (composite) yarn; and (2) chemically treating the fabric to open and split the yarn used. After being split, each resultant filament is as fine as only 0.1 decitex. This remarkable fineness allows the development of various high-performance, fashionable materials.
image of original yarn
Original yarn
image of after splitting
After splitting
Features of Wiping Cloths made of Belima X
Wedgy Cross Section Wedgy Cross Section
Belima X, a 0.1-decitex ultra-fine microfiber used for wiping cloths, is soft and flexible enough to leave no scratches on anything that is wiped.
The wedgy cross section of Belima X allows the fabric to snugly fit even the most minutely uneven surface of a wiped object. It positively entraps and prevents reattachment of microscopic particles of dust and dirt.
Abrasion test on an acrylic plate
illustration of belima X
large surface area ensure fail-safe dust removal copes with water- and oil-based stains
A woven or knitted fabric of Belima X ultra-fine microfiber undergoes a special finish which makes the fabric shrink both lengthwise and widthwise. This makes the fabric structure extremely dense, by up to 40% of its original size. A large surface area thus created permits effective dust removal.
Water-affinitive nylon and oil-affinitive polyester provide superb wiper performance against any type of stains, whether it is water-based or oil-based.
before use after use
water based stain oil based stain
high water absorbancy
A wiping cloth made of Belima X demonstrates excellent water absorbency, thanks to hydrophilic properties of nylon and the capillary tube effect of highly-dense fabric structure.
test result
Absorption speed test method


Immerse a 2 cm x 6 cm specimen in water with only 2 cm of the length below the water surface, and measure the time taken (lengthwise x widthwise) for water to rise 1 cm.
Water retention test method
Completely immerse a specimen in water for 2 minutes, then remove and allow it to drip for 1 minute. Finally, measure its weight increase.
generates a negligible amount of lint
A special cutting technique is used to cut the woven/knitted fabric of Belima X filament, thus minimizing the fabricユs lint generation properties to the lowest possible level.
cleaning in ultrapure water dust generation tester
rarely causes dissolution
Ion exchange water is used in the fabric manufacturing process, and the final product is thoroughly cleaned using ultrapure water. As a result, dissolution of residual ions and other substances is strictly controlled and minimized.
test result
Unit: mg/pc
Test method: Completely immerse a specimen (clean-packaged 24 cm x 24 cm Savina Minimax) in eluate and read the level of ions leached from the specimen into the eluate.
chemical resistance
Data of Savina Minimax
data of savina minimax
Immersion for 72 hours at 15 °C
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