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The World's First System for Integrated Production
The World's First System for Integrated Production
The complete in-house production from yarn to wiping cloths has brought many advantages such as guaranteed quality, stable supply, quick delivery, fine-tuned response to customer needs, as well as reduced costs.
hokuriku plant
Hokuriku Synthetic Fibers Plant
nagahama plant
Nagahama Plant
Benefits of Integrated Production System
CS customer satisfaction
Quality Assurance All processes of production and quality control are completed in-house.
Stable Supply In-house production adjustment ensures sufficient production capacity for ordered items.
Quick Delivery Thanks to the continuous production line and shortened distribution time, actual working hours are only two days in total for the processes from textile production through packaging/delivery.
Fine-Tuned Response to Customer Needs Tailored product development to meet customer needs can be carried out promptly in every production process. In particular, enhanced originality in new fiber development allows better response to customer's demand.
Challenges to Price Reduction By streamlining production process, curtailing distribution costs and minimizing stock of finished and half-finished goods, KB SEIREN strives to reduce the costs/prices as much as possible.
Integrated Production Process for Savina Wiping Cloths
production process
The above applies to the production of Savina Minimax.
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