"Savina" are registered trademarks of KB SEIREN, Ltd.
* Savina wiping cloths, including Savina MX and Savina KR, are highly-functional wiping cloths made of Belima X, an ultra-fine microfiber which can cope with the super clean room environment.
savina,wiping cloths designed for super clean rooms
"Savina" and "Savina Minimax" are registered trademarks of KB SEIREN, Ltd.
Savina MX and other Savina wiping cloths are sophisticated, high-performance wiping cloths to cope with the ultimate dust-free condition in super clean rooms and similar environments. Without releasing lint, they clean instruments, apparatuses and peripheral equipment used in a clean room, while also absorbing and removing any undesired moisture.
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Savina MX and other wiping cloths are classified, branded and marketed according to their capabilities.

  savina-MX   savina-CK  

Note: Savina KR and Savina DC have been discontinued.

Ultra-Fine Microfiber "Belima X" for more detail
BelimaX,an ultra-fine microfiber used for Savina MX and other Savina wiping cloths, is produced by: (1) weaving or knitting a base fabric with polyester/nylon special conjugate (composite) yarn; and (2) chemically treating the fabric to open and split the yarn used. After being split, each resultant filament is as fine as only 0.1 decitex. This remarkable fineness allows the development of various high-performance, fashionable materials. to BellimaX
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* Note: Integrated production started on August 28, 2006.
The continuous in-house production, from yarn as a material to Savina wiping cloths as final products, has brought many advantages such as guaranteed quality, stable supply, quick delivery, fine-tuned response to customer needs, as well as reduced costs.
hokuriku plant
Hokuriku Synthetic Fibers Plant
Nagahama plant
Nagahama Plant
Savina Introductory Movie movie
For your better understanding of Savina MX and other Savina wiping cloths, we invite you to watch our "Savina Introductory Movie." You need "QuickTime" plug-in (freeware) to view the movie; if you do not have one, download it from the link provided at the bottom of the "Savina Introductory Movie" page. to introductory movie
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