Product Introduction

CK wiper
a high-performance wiping cloth
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No minuscule dust or dirt is allowed in a clean room where circuit boards and other precision instruments are assembled or operated. Savina CK is a wiping cloth created by interknitting ultra-fine microfiber Belima X and regular polyester, and by processing the fabric with a unique high-shrinkage, high-density finish. Designed for the use in clean rooms, Savina CK traps and removes microscopic dust in a fail-safe manner.
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Savina CK
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Conventional product
Material Description
A knit-type wiping cloth made of Belima X and regular polyester
Excellent Features
Just a light stroke gives superb wiper performance
Special superheated cutting ensures no self-generation of lint

Absorbs twice as much water twice as quickly as cotton cloth (tested by Larose method)
High chemical resistance permits the use of organic solvents
Product Specifications
Size / Packaged quantity
6 in X 6 in / 200 pcs / carton
9 in X 9 in / 100 pcs / carton
* Please contact us for other sizes.
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