Product Introduction

a high-performance wiping cloth to cpe with diverse applications
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Savina KR is a woven-type industrial wiping cloth made of “Belima X” ultra-fine microfiber developed with original technology. Its neatly-cut edges produce little fiber fragments, and the cloth resists stretching and other deformities thanks to its superb dimensional stability. It also offers good wiper performance, lint-free properties, water absorbency and chemical resistance.
Since Savina KR is made of Belima X ultra-fine microfiber with a wedge-shaped cross section, it snugly fits against the surface of any wiped object to trap dust particles adhered to it. Not only that, the unique high-shrinkage, high-density finish applied to Savina KR allows neat and fray-free trimming, which means that the cloth does not scratch the surface of the wiped object with any fiber fragments.
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Electron micrograph
Material Description
A woven wiping cloth made of Belima X, with minimum elongation and superb dimensional stability
Excellent Features
Ultra-fine microfiber “Belima X” is used
Excels in dimensional stability
Possesses low lint-generation properties and high chemical resistance
Product Specifications
Size / Packaged quantity
6 in X 6 in / 200 pcs / carton
9 in X 9 in / 100 pcs / carton
* Please contact us for other sizes.
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